Travel to the Northwest Angle & Islands
CUSTOMS FREE! No Crossing the border!
You stay in Minnesota the whole trip.

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No Set Schedule - All Trips Are On Demand!

Winter Season


Summer Season

Travel from the mouth of the Rainy River across Big Traverse Bay to Oak Island or Young's Bay. Travel Time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Each Bombardier will carry up to 6 passengers and gear. Travel is only available during daylight hours.


Travel from the mouth of the Rainy River via 27' Sportcraft Diesel Powered boat. With service to Oak Island, Flag Island, Northwest Angle and surrounding areas. US stops only. Each boat will carry up to 6 passengers.Travel is only during daylight hours.






Sportsman's Lodging Guests $99/person


Min: $395   

  Min: $290 

Large Group Rates Are Available - Last Minute Service!

Call 800-862-8602 or click here to email.

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Stop by our three dining venues and check out our live entertainment!

Explore the endless fishing opportunities on legendary Lake of the Woods!

Leave the planning to us for your groups of up to 300!
Sportsman's Rainy River     •     Eagle Ridge     •     Oak Island